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    Via the capture of radical, GRANDSORB light stabilizers can provide the good performance light stabilization. And in order to meet sorts of requirements from different end users, Hongkun has been providing various light stabilizers including single type and compounds. And with the cooperation of UV absorbers simultaneously, we usually could get a better synergistic performance.



    GRANDSORB   119

    PP,   PA, PE, coatings, etc.

    wide applications,   high compability

    GRANDSORB   123

    special   coatings

    special   compounds, suitable in coatings

    GRANDSORB   292

    special   coatings

    special   compounds, suitable in coatings

    GRANDSORB   622

    PP,   PE, polyolefin copolymers, etc.

    low   initial color, specially suitable for film and sheet substrates

    GRANDSORB   770

    PP,   PU, PS, coatings, etc.

    low   molecular weight HALS, suitable for thick section substrate

    GRANDSORB   783

    LDPE,   LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, etc.

    special   compounds, suitable for PE films

    GRANDSORB   791

    PP,   PE, EPDM, etc.

    special   compounds, suitable for PP substrates

    GRANDSORB   944

    PP,   PU, etc.

    High   molecular weight HALS, wide applications

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