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    The age of information develops

    Send Date:2019-01-23

    The age of information develops so fast that many applications have been developed to facilitate people’s life. For the young generation, they are lucky to have access to the applications and keep pace with the time, while the old generation struggle to get used to the change. Applications have many advantages.

    On the one hand, it can help people to save a lot of time. The best experience to use App is to know the schedule ahead. Take the bus for example. If we download a software, then we can know when it will comes, because its track is showed in the application. We don’t have to waste time to wait for the bus. How nice it is.

    On the other hand, we can save money. Many stores have joined the APPs. They can not only attract more customers, but customers can also receive some discounts, which it is a win-win situation. People can compare different prices and make the best choice.

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