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    China Surprises the World With New Technology

    Send Date:2019-01-23

    Many years ago, China was always criticized by foreigners for copying their technology, which seemed that we lacked of creativity. But the situation has changed. China surprises the world with its new technology. Many foreigners feel shocked and enjoy the convenience brought by the Chinese wisdom.

    As the policy Belt and Road becomes the hot issue around the world, foreign media focus their attention on this great old country. Many foreigners who have been to China tell the media that this country is no longer poor and develops very fast and many technologies even take the lead. The original applications such as Wechat and Alibaba are favored by foreigners. The new project of ofo receive great praise.

    We are used to be humble and always depreciate ourselves, but we can be very confident now. The one who comes to China is surprised by the change and they speak highly of China. People here are friendly and the diversity of culture catch them all the time. With the development of technology, China is gaining more reputation.

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